5 benefits of the right running shoes

5 benefits of the right running shoes

A pair of quality running shoes is designed for the active person and provides the protection needed to guide and ease movement of the foot and ankle. Poorly chosen pair can lead to sore ankles, blistering feet or sore hips after a run. Here are five benefits of wearing the right kind of running shoes:

Increase operating efficiency

Scientific research has shown that a person who runs with a suitable pair of running shoes uses much less effort and energy compared to those who exercise barefoot. The main reason for this is the cushioning of the shoe. For a barefoot runner, it is necessary to expend more energy and use the calf muscles more because of the lost cushioning.


A well-made pair of shoes includes extra protection to avoid issues with discomfort or pain while the feet are under more pressure. The midsole helps provide protection against hard surfaces or trampled objects. The softer the midsole, the more protection and cushioning it can provide. But the soft midsole isn’t the most durable and means the running shoe has to be replaced more often.

Hyper controls

Overevolution is associated with the foot rolling inward too far while running, which also flattens the arch of the foot. It helps to avoid this foot position because it can jolt the knee and tilt the leg inward. The risk of running this way can lead to foot problems such as bunions, plantar fasciitis, and shin splints. There are plenty of running shoes designed to fix this specific type of problem. Most of these shoes have a stronger material on the inner edge of the midsole which prevents the foot from rolling.

Fit to lie down

A pair of quality running shoes is also used to fix issues with bulging which is when the foot rolls outward when running. The downside to running like this is the added stress on the bones and ligaments on the outer side of the foot. The best shoes that provide protection for supination include those that have cushioning in the forefoot and heel, as well as a soft midsole.

bracket support

Proper arch support is beneficial for athletes with flat feet and is sure to make an exercise like running more fun and comfortable. Although a person with flat feet will get the most from this type of support, it can also help runners with high arches.

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