Increase your running speed today

Increase your running speed today

Can you believe that in just 8 weeks you can get as fast as an elite runner! I know it’s too good to be true and it’s no different than other sites promising speed improvement. But, I also struggled and had no way of picking up speed. I’ve done a lot of research, watched YouTube videos, and even talked to trainers to increase my running speed. People have told me that speed is genetic, and if I hadn’t been born with it, I couldn’t have gotten faster. I refused to believe that there weren’t any ways to increase my running speed.

You see, I was a track runner, I ran the 100m, which is a very fast race. My personal record was 11.13 while my elite runners were 10.6 and under. Looks like I was stuck at my personal best and just couldn’t get my running speed up. It was my senior year in high school, and I needed to do a 10.6 in order for colleges to see me for a scholarship. But lowering my time from 11.13 to 10.6 in one season was a huge milestone considering I had no real talent. I’ve used up every resource I knew of at the time and none of it seems to be working. I was about to give up believing I didn’t have the genes to run faster.

Then one night while reading forums online about increasing your running speed, someone had a link to this product they were reviewing. Link read explosive speed training courses. I was curious about this product but felt like I had nothing to lose. Therefore, I read the product and applied it to my training. I immediately noticed a change in my personal history in just 2 weeks. I lowered my time from 11.13 to 10.86 in just two weeks. After the fourth week my RRA was 10.79 and it continued to drop. The product has a unique method of tricking fast-twitch muscles and fibers into firing rapidly which I’ll explain to you.

By the end of my senior year, I had a personal record of 10.64 and ran a state track race. I was ranked fourth unfortunately, but the time I had left in only four months was amazing for everyone. Adding that I was one of the slowest I was second on the team by the end of the year. I have achieved a great deal with the help of this product. She went on to run at Alcorn State University than later at Mississippi Valley State. I feel it is unfair of me not to share this product. If you want to increase your running speed starting today check out this product and learn more!!

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