The Angry Penis and the Run: Finding Comfort to Run

The Angry Penis and the Run: Finding Comfort to Run

The arrival of autumn weather inspires many men to take up running, which is an excellent way to stay active and healthy. Unfortunately, as with any form of exercise, jogging also comes with some potential side effects—including a dreaded, angry penis. Men who follow (or continue to) a program of jogging or running need to practice proper penile care in order to deal with chafing and make their physical activity experience more pleasurable.


There are several steps a man can take to help prevent penis chafing while jogging.

– drink. It is always important to stay hydrated when exercising, for many reasons. When running, dehydration can increase the potential for chafing throughout the body, including the penis. Therefore, it is important to drink plenty of water before, during and after a long run.

– Avoid commando style. Some running clothes are designed to be worn without underwear, but for the casual runner in a pair of plain old gym shorts, going commando shouldn’t be considered an option. When left without the protection of underwear, the penis rubs against the rougher fabric of gym shorts—a sure course to chafing.

Moyad thought. Even better than wearing shorts or boxers is wearing an athletic supporter for a walk. Not only does this provide protection from the penis rubbing against outer clothing, but it also helps keep the penis and testicles in place while running. With less flipping, there is less friction and less chance of chafing. While a traditional cotton jock is an option, many men would be better off with a supportive one made of synthetic material. Cotton absorbs sweat and passes it to the penis. This can increase the potential for anger. Whatever material one chooses, the juke should be washed (and allowed to dry completely) after each use.

Choose your shorts carefully. Loose clothing, such as gym shorts, may not be the best choice if one wants to prevent chafing. Tight, comfortable pants generally reduce chafing. See if compression or cycling shorts, or another form of Lycra-based coverage, might be better. However, make sure the fit is not too tight, as this may cause circulation problems.

Anger care

Unfortunately, even taking precautions doesn’t guarantee that chafing won’t happen. When that happens, he must be attended to immediately.

Ideally, a man wants to “bring out” his pack. If a man has the option to be naked for a long time, he should take advantage of that. Whether he can get naked or not, he also needs to clean the area properly with a gentle cleanser. Care must be taken when drying to ensure that a rough washcloth or vigorous rubbing does not further irritate the penis.

Of particular importance with an enraged penis (whether from galloping or some other reason) is quality application Penis health cream (Health experts recommend Man1 Man Oil) Immediately. Make sure to choose a cream that contains a combination of a high-quality emollient (such as shea butter) and a powerful moisturizer (such as vitamin e); This combination helps provide all-important hydration that soothes and heals dry, irritated skin. Keeping the penis properly hydrated is key during the healing process. It is also recommended to use a cream containing vitamin A, in order to benefit from the antibacterial properties of this vitamin. Many runners develop an unpleasant odor in the crotch area due to bacteria associated with perspiration. Vitamin A is excellent at helping to fight the bacteria that produce that unwanted odor. Keeping the skin of the penis healthy by applying a cream like Man1 Man Oil makes jogging more enjoyable and comfortable.

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