The pros and cons of teaching dance

The pros and cons of teaching dance

Teaching dance is a rewarding and enjoyable career for those who have a passion for dance, as well as for teaching.

To be a good teacher, it is also necessary that you enjoy passing on your knowledge to others, and that you deal well with all walks of life from young children to adults. Some dancers are great dancers but they don’t have fun or they don’t have the patience to teach. Others may not be the best dancers, but they make great teachers. The important thing is that you have the ability to convey your knowledge in an easy to understand manner.

It’s not all roses, and like everything else, teaching dance has its pros and cons. Here I have listed two of them.

1. You choose your own working hours, as well as how long you want to work each day. This is ideal for those with young families to take care of.
2. You dictate your own fees and control your own earnings.
3. Do something you love every day.
4. It is rewarding to see your pupils achieve and improve over time.
5. It’s a very creative career choice and you can explore new horizons every day.
6. You get more time off than most people, because you usually take time off when schools are closed.

1. Dancing is a luxury, so when times are bad, it’s the first thing people will cut back on.
2. Most dance teachers can only teach in the afternoon, because the kids are at school in the morning, so this way you may need to work quite late to fit all the classes.
3. Teaching takes a lot of energy, so you can’t afford to get sick or have a bad day.
4. You expose yourself wide to criticism from parents and the public, and so you have to be very strict.
5. You must have good business management skills, otherwise administrative work will affect you.
6. You also need to be super organized and stay on top of things at all times.

So as you can see, the teaching profession like any other profession has its good and bad points. I love my career choices, so try to stay focused on only the good stuff. In any profession, you have to absolutely love what you do and have a passion for it, or find something to get you out of bed every day.

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