The rationale for swimming is gaining importance

The rationale for swimming is gaining importance

“I love swimming,” is a phrase often made by many. It is a very beneficial sport for the overall growth of the body. Almost everyone enjoys it because it is entertaining and keeps one’s body in check. It’s the best way to get rid of those extra pounds and feel refreshed. One of the sports that people of all ages enjoy. It is one of the best ways to stay fit as it involves full body movement. It is also gaining momentum as it has been added to the Olympic Games. It is a very relaxing and body shaping activity.

swimming strokes

• The breaststroke is very difficult as the body needs to move up and down while sliding against the water.

• Backstroke is easier than breaststroke, and both arms are supposed to apply equal pressure.

• The free stroke involves flipping in the water.

The benefits of swimming

• Helps keep heart rate under control

• It is known to reduce stress levels.

• Helps build muscle and stamina

• Keeps weight gain under control

• Prevents heart disease and regulates blood pressure

• The most relaxing form of exercise to get you fit

• Enhances flexibility in the body

• Helps maintain posture

• An activity that can continue throughout life.

• Maintains one’s health.

• It has many mental benefits as well.

• Staying in the water refreshes the body.

• Swimming is highly recommended by health professionals.

• Helps lift the mood.

swimming equipment

• A swimsuit is the first requirement to enter the swimming pool.

• It is also important to wear safety goggles so that chlorinated water does not enter the eyes.

• Shower cups are also essential to protect hair.

• For beginners, there are a variety of floats on the market that help a person swim

Swimming limits

• Staying in chlorinated water can be dangerous to health

• While swimming in the ocean, there are chances of strong currents that may push you away from the beaches.

• The biggest threat is drowning, so it’s best to be alert when babies or children are swimming.

• Antiseptic, if used in more quantity than required, can lead to respiratory problems.

• Excessive swimming can be dangerous for the joints.

• Swimming for a longer period of time can darken the skin color.

• It can also lead to an ear infection.

Thus, swimming can be considered a full-body workout and offers a seamless blend of aerobic exercise and endurance. It is one of the best ways to maintain health and fitness but it is important to be aware of health issues associated with it and be vigilant not to do it excessively.

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