Why Dance Star Mickey is the hottest holiday game of 2010

Why Dance Star Mickey is the hottest holiday game of 2010

The hottest game of 2010 is clearly developing into Dance Star Mickey. The game was first unveiled at the US International Game Show in February, and has taken the gaming show by storm. This toy will definitely be at the top of the list for collectors of Mickey Mouse toys, and for any parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle who would like to see a smile on a child’s face this holiday season. While there are a number of interactive toys this year, Dance Star Mickey has a few features that will obviously put her at the top of many gift lists.

Some of the features that make Dance Star Mickey unique are its interactive nature and durability. Dance Star Mickey has been carefully designed by Fisher-Price and designed to be safe for children between the ages of 18 months and 6 years. Some early reviews of the game by parents said that Dance Star Mickey is “very sturdy and durable”. The interactive nature of Dance Star Mickey allows kids to dance with Mickey as he sings six popular songs and dances to the catchy music that accompanies his songs.

Mickey’s activation button is on his shoe and is very easy to use, even for young children. One early buyer reported that his two-year-old niece found out after her second attempt to operate it herself. He went on to say that the songs and lyrics were “clear and understandable”, which is not always the case with this type of game. He stated that his niece actively danced with Mickey and that any Mickey Mouse fan would love this game.

When you first see him dance, you might think Mickey would fall for him, but he doesn’t. Because of the really cool engineering and design, Mickey can do moon, disco and other complex dance moves. This game is really amazing to watch and interact with, that is why kids fall in love with it and it has already been named as the best game of 2010.

This unique walking, talking and dancing toy will win the hearts of children and adults in an engaging way. Dance Star Mickey is also packed with interactive toys that will make kids and parents laugh and dance. Mickey Mouse is a beloved character and has greeted people since Walt Disney first introduced him to us in 1928. While generations of kids have had their own Mickey to play with and love, it seems that Mickey’s new dance star has come at the perfect time for today’s kids. This game will likely reignite the passion of Mickey collectors everywhere, and it can get harder to find or buy as you approach the holidays. I would definitely recommend not waiting to buy if you’re interested in getting one before Christmas 2010.

If you are fascinated by Dance Star Mickey and would like more information or to see a video of him in action, visit www.dancestarmickey.info. Whether you’re a collector of Mickey Mouse memorabilia and toys, or you’re a parent or grandparent looking for the best game of 2010, this is a great site for finding what you’re looking for.

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